The XL Engine allows you to play several classic games with modern technology. Support is in varying states at the moment but include or will soon include: DarkXL (Dark Forces), DaggerXL (Daggerfall) and soon OutlawsXL (Outlaws) and BloodXL (Blood).

At the moment, DarkXL and DaggerXL are still seperate downloads but will be merged soon and all of the above projects will be available in one download as part of the XL Engine.

The DaggerXL Beta is currently in progress after which the DarkXL Beta will be the next goal, with the game being fully complete-able in the next version. Once DarkXL reaches Beta, OutlawsXL and BloodXL will become available and will be actively developed.

The XL Engine currently only supports Windows – XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. However OS X support is coming with the Beta of DarkXL with Linux following shortly thereafter.


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The XL Engine is and will remain free, donations are purely optional but greatly appreciated.