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The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall is an ambitious early open world RPG, the second game in the Elder Scrolls series. Often praised for its atmosphere and ambition, with a world far larger and more realistically scaled then any single player Elderscrolls game that followed, the experience was a bit rough around the edges due to bugs and unfinished features. Read more about the game on Wikipedia.

How do I get the game?

Daggerfall is now available for free from Bethesda and can be downloaded directly from their site. However I would recommend Daggerfall Setup because it is an easy to use installer and the result is not only patched to the latest version of the game but also includes additional community patches and other optional add-ons.

How does the XL Engine Improve the Game Experience?

Beta 1

  • Support for higher resolutions.
  • Gracefully handles widescreen, pillarboxing the view to maintain aspect ratio if you decide to play the game in the original aspect ratio.
  • No more timing issues! Daggerfall is notoriously difficult to tune when playing in DosBox and there are no ideal settings that work everywhere. The XL Engine fixes those issues - giving you smooth performance without negatively affecting gameplay or control.
  • Responsive, low latency controls coupled with the high performance of a native OS application.
  • Bug fixes - improving stability, reducing the risk of save corruption and other wonky behavior - generally a much nicer experience.
  • Easy to use color correction - modify the contrast, brightness, color saturation and gamma so that the game looks more like you remember.

Beta 2

  • Improved high performance software renderer - great performance even using massive resolutions.
  • GPU rendering giving improved performance and visuals.
  • "Sharp Bilinear" - Normal bilinear is too blurry but the software renderer too sharp, this gives you nice sharp but antialiased texture filtering.
  • Anisotropic filtering - Textures will looks sharp but antialiased up close and in the distance.

Future Builds

  • Optional graphical enhancements including bloom, shadows, reflections, moving water, detailed terrain visible to the horizon and more.
  • Optional gameplay enhancements and fixes including restoration of unfinished or removed features, interface enhancements, fixes for design oversights and more.
  • Modding tools and support - including powerful scripting thanks to XLC.

XL Engine Screenshots