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When testing out some things, with terrain, I realized that the edges of the map were not handled gracefully – it crashed in fact. So in the process of fixing the crash, the terrain now extends beyond the map edges – pretty much forever (or close enough). Granted its not too interesting, since there won’t be any locations, roads, rivers and so forth – at least not now. But who knows, maybe I’ll add some surprises out there later. :twisted:

Anyway here is a shot showing me running around outside the map.

Where I am on the map. Notice I’ve gone off the top side by quite a distance.


And what it looks like in game. While the large scale height map data is basically just “stretched”, the terrain generation still makes it look fairly interesting.

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  • Mike:

    Heh… When I’m done with a game, I generally noclip my way around levels to see how they were built. With open world RPGs such as Daggerfall, I really enjoy going off the edges to see what’s there. Sometimes you find some interesting discoveries. :)

    • luciusDXL:

      In this case you won’t have to “no clip” your way through. :) I probably won’t bother with the invisible walls since you can easily fast travel if you get lost.

  • Rebel:

    Love the twisted evil smiley!

  • Lanus:

    Is everyone thinking the same as me? To add the WHOLE tamriel in a distant future? (No, no, sorry, this should not happen).
    Btw, very good to hear some news from you, Lucius.

    • luciusDXL:

      Once the world/level tools are up, adding the rest of Tamriel should be quite possible for modders. As long as you constrain the expectations to stuff that would fit in well with Daggerfall, I think it could even be a fairly manageable, if large, mod.

  • Kinasin:

    Looking good!

  • Dag:

    > Notice I’ve gone off the top side by quite a distance.
    The whole of the Iliac Bay! You deal with that many points or is there some distance-based simplification? Your backplane is quite far away. Do you first project then clip to the viewport or clip against the frustum and then project? How were you able to determine the original renderer’s techniques (Z-buffer, Quake style texturemapper etc.), crude disassembly? And sorry for the technicalities.

    • luciusDXL:

      I clip after transformation by the view-projection matrix but before final perspective division and viewport transform. Of course, I only clip polygons that may intersect the view frustum – so only a relatively small number of polygons actually go through the clipping process. Polygons fully outside are discarded and polygons fully inside are just rendered as-is. And for far distance rendering, LODs are needed – both for textures and geometry. However this is all automatic, so can be added seamlessly without modifying the source data.

      As for the rendering techniques – its pretty obvious which techiques are used given the data and results, no disassembly is needed for that.

  • Anderson:

    I have been following this blog for quite a while, as well as the new videos on YouTube and all Daggerfall-related content.
    It’s very nice to see you are still working on it, and that you never give up! I couldn’t play the original game because of the bugs, the clunky-ness, just too confusing all those dungeons and bugs…

    Can’t wait to play it from start to finish!

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The XL Engine is and will remain free, donations are purely optional but greatly appreciated.