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I have been asked for a time frame for the Beta 1 release and to gauge how far along the build is, as a percentage. I have decided to answer the questions, as best I can, while providing a progress update.

As for when I will say relatively soon, though I’m afraid that I won’t be able to give any dates until I know for sure.

As for % of completeness, that too is hard to say. The engine is basically where it needs to be, with the exception of the sound system – though that already reads Voc files, plays 2D sounds and could easily play 3D and looping sounds – its mainly a matter of resource tracking at this point. The UI needs to be finished but that, honestly, will only take a few nights of work. There are additional niceties I would like to add but most of them can wait (like controller support). So engine/UI wise I would say its at 90% or so but the other 10% isn’t very time consuming.

Where the majority of the remaining time will go is finishing the game support itself. The good news is that the current approach basically allows me to work towards all of the games in parallel (exactly how is a discussion for another day). So overall I would say I’m around 50% of the way there but the pace is accelerating due to improving methods.

This probably doesn’t sound great until I mention that I basically started from scratch a few months ago, largely due to the long hiatus and change in design – though I move and refactor old code as needed. So it is going well and the pace is very promising for meeting my goals of getting a build out near the beginning of this year. And to be clear that 50% is overall, meaning that all the games are made good progress towards completion (Daggerfall, Dark Forces and Blood), though it obviously, and intentionally, doesn’t indicate which are further along.

However as soon as more concrete promises are made something will happen so… I’m going to avoid making said promises until I know for sure. :)-

Estimated Progress Towards Beta 1

Engine – 90%
Game Support – 50%



Recent Engine Features

* Vsync now works correctly, though causes noticeable “input lag” at low refresh rates – such as 60. However this “lag” has been decreased and should be small enough for many people.

* Frame rate limiting, as an alternative to vsync, now works correctly and accurately – and has almost no perceivable “input lag” on Windows. This doesn’t completely fix tearing but greatly improves it, especially during explosions and rapid screen movement. This can be set to multiples of the refresh rate – such as 120, 240, etc. to further limit any input issues – and tends to improve the overall experience even at higher multiples. Though, obviously, your system should be able to reliably hit the requested framerate. If the system can’t keep up, the framerate limiter has no affect on performance (unlike traditional vsync). In addition it saves on CPU load which can be useful for weaker systems.

The XL Engine will probably default to a frame limiter of 120 Hz, though obviously you can change it to use vsync instead or have no frame limit (this last option is not recommended though).

* Adaptive Vsync – if available this will allow for synchronization if the system performs well enough but does not if the system under performs.

* Proper dynamic vertex buffer support so that performance is good for all Graphics “levels.”

* Render targets and improved UI aesthetic.


State of the Game Support

* All games have working libraries and entry points. They can all be selected, run and shut down from the UI.

* All games are debuggable and run, though only one is currently playable.

* All games are fully disassembled and partially re-written. Obviously some of the code is easier to understand then other parts.

* Dead code has been identified and removed from all games.


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  • Will there be resolution limitation? I.e could one play in 4K? I realize art assets might not be up to par but one can dream that someday…

    – Martin

    • luciusDXL:

      That’s an interesting question. The initial release (Beta 1) will be software rendering only which might have a hard time at such high resolutions (though theoretically possible). However the engine will scale the game view to arbitrary resolutions so you can run the game at whatever resolution runs well and it will still look good on your monitor.

      Beta 2 and Beta 3 will add in full GPU rendering which will make the games run much better at high resolutions like 4k.

  • MrWhatsisname:

    I imagine you’ll be done in no time, I feel like I should be throwing money at the screen but all I got is credit card debt. Don’t overwork yourself or anything, unless someone’s got a gun to your head.

  • ElderScrollsMage:

    This is really good. Thanks for the detailed update. Glad there’s great progress.

  • Mickey:

    Very happy to hear that you are still working on this!

  • Revenant2.0:

    The fans are desperate. And Lucius is delivering the goods. Awesome.

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The XL Engine is and will remain free, donations are purely optional but greatly appreciated.