The XL Engine is and will remain free, donations are purely optional but greatly appreciated.

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If you visit the forums you will see that they have been updated. The version of phpBB 3 was seriously out of date so I did a manual update to the latest version (it was too old for the automatic update) so the forum is now running on version 3.1.7-pl1.

As I mentioned in the forum update thread in the Website/Forums section, I decided a new theme was in order to better represent the XL Engine. Given the different types of games the engine will support, which include both sci-fi and fantasy, the previous theme just didn’t fit anymore. In addition the narrow footprint made larger images and lots of text difficult to deal with. Let me know what you think of the new look, of course tweaking or even whole different styles are possible.

On to the news. I recently managed to get Ubuntu installed on my desktop, a surprisingly painful process due to issues with the motherboard and UEFI. So I spent a good chunk of the day Saturday getting the XL Engine to compile and resolving dependencies. While I still have to work on the input and proper fullscreen rendering with multiple monitors – the engine does run, render properly and sound and music sound good was well.

So this means that Linux support has moved from Beta 4 to the initial build, Beta 1. To make this happen I will probably enlist some help a few weeks before the build with packaging for various Linux distributions.

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  • Sam Hughes:

    Platform-agnostic libraries or no, it’s always a serious affirmation to see your project run immediately on a new platform. Kudos on being a responsible developer!

  • Chris Mohrfeld:

    Sounds good! Which distros are you hoping to package this to?

  • As a Ubuntu user myself I am glad to hear that and fully approve! That’s some excellent news.

  • As Ubuntu user I love to hear that and I fully approve! Very good news.

  • Mrwhatsisname:

    Good, now even my De-Chromed Acer c720 might be able to run this without dawdling about with wine. I think I’m falling in love with linux and this xlengine project. Of course I was already in love with your engine since Daggerfall and Daggerfall… Dark Forces is pretty nice to.

  • I have access to several Fedora systems and an Arch system for testing if you want them.

  • Evian:

    Eagerly anticipating the release next week!

    • luciusDXL:

      I hate to disappoint but… the release won’t be next week. It should be ready relatively soon but I didn’t give an actual date yet.

      • Sam Hughes:

        Dagnabbit. I’m religiously checking the blog section, waiting for that update announcing beta 1. Any hints about timeframe or progress?

  • Razara:

    Thank you for being awesome! I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I discovered Daggerfall a few years ago, so I’m delighted to learn that the project is continuing. Both programmers and even those who have no experience in the field alike can surely appreciate what a remarkable feat this is. :3

  • Julio C.:

    Hi, I a fan of your work here! What really captivates me was when I saw the video “DaggerXL FarTerrain”!

    Straight to the point, I want to solicited you to look the game in FreeBSD to! Besides the fact that the system has a Linux interpretation system (making native Linux-only program runs), I think that will be little to do to make it run (like the people on the FreeBSD Forums says: “avoid linuxsisms”).

    PS: Not a native English speaker here, excuse some typo errors or something…

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The XL Engine is and will remain free, donations are purely optional but greatly appreciated.