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I’ve been away for a while, I went on a long vacation (first one in years by the way) and have been busy with the holidays. I haven’t forgotten about this project and will give a small update about what’s going on. This is going to be a short post but important. :)

The wait is not been for nothing though, I plan on releasing the DaggerXL Beta within the first month of the new year and then will proceed to get the DarkXL Beta out soon afterwards. Just to be clear, by Beta I mean the games playable from beginning to end and fully completable. Of course there may still be bugs and they won’t have all the features I want to call them “done” (as close to done as projects like these every get anyway) – thus the Beta – but they should be good enough to replace playing them in DosBox.

Unfortunately I probably won’t be around the forums much until after Christmas but then I’ll return to posting regularly again.

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  • elwing:

    wow, that’s great news.

    have some nice holidays and merry xmas

  • Kyosho:

    That’s quite an announcement. Merry Christmas indeed.

  • Boaz Moerman:

    Great news! You also a merry Christmas.

  • samtam90:

    :O :O :O

    Holy crap! This is some of the best news I’ve read in quite a while.

  • vladdrak:

    im just hopin by excluded features you mean the software renderer and not the enhanced (opengl) one.

  • vladdrak:

    o yea, and merry holidays n all dat shit!

  • AgmatiV:

    JUST WOW! I mean, the last daggerxl build we have seen was something like alpha 0.2, and now the beta is done! Great, great news!

  • Dagganticipation:

    Beta is a HUGE step forward! I still check this everyday! Thank you for the early Christmas present (just knowing a Beta is coming soon is good enough for me!)

  • Super great news! I’m so pumped for DarkXL!

  • Andrey:

    DaggerXl – BETA. It’s cool. I’m surprised. Waiting for alpha (for a long time) we will get Beta. Nihrenasibe!)) thanks! Have a good holidays!

  • Spot:

    Wow, great news :D

    I was beginning to worry about the lack of updates, but a long vacation is a great excuse. Hopefully you had a good one. I’m looking forward to the Beta of DaggerXL.

  • Uriel Septim VII:

    WOW! That is awesome! can’t wait to play the DaggerXL beta! Keep up the good work, merry christmas! And as usual, Uriel Septim VII approves.

  • vcatkiller:

    Jaw just hit the ground. I must say I cannot wait to give that a shot, a fully playable Daggerfall without DOSBox sounds like the best thing ever.

  • Edward:

    Finally! Great news indeed. I cannot wait to finally play this long waited game. Much happiness and peace and everything what is the best for Christmas and New year.

  • Marco:

    Yeah! A playable Daggerfall without DOSbox! Is there anything in the DaggerXL beta that isn’t as functional as a DOSbox Daggerfall? Just curious.

    Merry Christmas! The New Year is looking great!

  • Heavins Punisher:

    Nice. Can’t wait for the release of DarkXL Beta. Keep up the great work!

    • Johnny Law:

      Yep I’m looking forward to the DarkXL beta. I never did play through Dark Forces back in the day… just saw one of my friends playing it from time to time when I would visit. I really enjoy poking around in FPS games from that era, and Dark Forces in particular has a bit of mystique for being one that I never got to play myself. Plus Star Wars music!

      Anyway I got a bundle of Star Wars games for cheap a couple of years ago and Dark Forces has been sitting on ice waiting. :-)

  • softdrinkviking:

    Sounds awesome!
    Wishing you a happy holiday time, and a great new year!
    Looking forward to more updates and playing the betas@#!%#@#@!@@!!!!

    For reals. Thanks Lucius. :)

  • Thisnametaken?:

    WOOT! Now I can play this when I’m done with Halo 4.

  • dyze:

    aah yeeeah!

    2013 is off to a good start :)

  • Albert H.:

    Can’t wait. This all sounds freaking great, but i’ve continuously wondered about when the source might be released? Is it when the engine reaches a uniform beta status across the board? Kinda hoping it is, because the work with this engine is monumental.

  • Hicks:

    Thank you so much for all your continued work on this project.

    Happy New Year!

  • Fabio Bittar:

    Where is it? Today is the 7th and we haven’t heard from you since the 30th of December. Please, please, give us the precious. Yes, yes, precious!


    Just kidding, mate. Take your time. I hope the Beta is indeed fully playable – I hardly ever play the game as intended anyway, as the sandbox experience is always more interesting than following the “main quest” in the Elder Scrolls games. Specially in Daggerfall.

    Thank you again for your efforts.

  • WAC_Blackyolero:

    This is an encouraging development, lucius. Good to hear from you again. Hope you enjoyed your well-deserved holiday!

    Hey mate, how does this affect the time frame for OutlawsXL, any idea? I’m itching to see how that plays :) Any new screenshots you can post to tease me with? Hehe

  • Kiki:

    So looking forward to this, I hope it comes soon!

  • jaminme1:

    January’s almost gone now.

    • Solo:

      Don’t get too excited. Lucius once said that the DarkXL beta would be released this weekend or a few days after… two years ago.

    • Fabio Bittar:

      Calm down. Today is the 17th. He still has time.

    • Fabio Bittar:

      Ok, get nervous. Today is the 18th. Where is it?

      • Marco:

        Relax, there’s still plenty of time. It could hit us on the 31st and still be on time.

        Patience. These projects are never things you can just slap an ETA on; the sooner the better, sure, but I’d rather get a good version in February than something that was clearly rushed tonight.

        • chikn:

          Your one of those people who is so patient they make everyone else feel like a toddler in a candy store. Most of us have to express our excitement and anxiousness through comments so that we can get reassurance and validate those feelings. So lay off the poor guy, I’m excited too.

        • jaminme1:

          Yeah, maybe you’re right. Just as long as it gets finished, I can wait.

  • Fallen one:

    Better later than rushed, so take your time Lucius. I’m sure the beta release of DaggerXL will be awsome :)

  • Mysti:

    I’ve been lurking here for quite a while and I must say I’m really excited DaggerXL is finally hitting beta! Congrats! It’s been a difficult wait at times, but I know it’s well worth it! =D

    Thanks for making one of my all-time favorite games much easier to play! *hugs!!*

  • jaminme1:

    Daaamn, man. So you keep coming here everyday, too, huh?

  • Marco:

    I didn’t even know what a Daggerfall was until last year, and I’m still checking this blog every day. This is just too awesome.

    • Fabio Bittar:


      If you can look past the graphics, Daggerfall is one of THE BEST roleplaying games of all time. Unfortunately, it’s ridden with bugs and some improvement is welcome, and this is what this project is for.

      (Today is the 21st). Where is my Daggerfall?


      • Boaz Moerman:

        Shut up, it doesn’t help to constantly ask for Daggerfall, give him some time.

        • Fabio Bittar:

          I think you are a big asshole. Apart from that, you’re also a very stupid troll. If you actually READ the comments, you’ll see that I’ve been supportive and made it clear he should take his time. The day counting thing is a way of showing my excitement for it. :)

          • jaminme1:

            Ha ha. I have prepared for the worst. So even if the game gets delayed for another month, I can TAKE IT!

          • jaminme1:

            Ha ha. I have prepared for the worst. So even if the game gets delayed for another month, I can TAKE IT!

          • Boaz Moerman:

            I am no asshole, and no troll, and I read all the comments. I know that you are exited and supportive, but I don’t think blog posts aren’t the best place to count down the days.

            By the way, I recommend to avoid insulting people before you had a proper conversation with him/her.

  • vladdrak:

    another chickfight has begun :D

  • vladdrak:

    im ordering my pizza rite now

  • vladdrak:

    seriously, im only waiting for daggerfal to eventually be released, so lucious may carry on working on bloodxl at last. please, mate, hurry! you don’t have much time, all your fans gonna lose interest, just release it as is lol

  • X:

    It’s gonna be great.

  • jaminme1:

    Come on man, have a little faith and a little patience. Let Lucius take his time. Releasing the game “as is” wouldn’t be good as it isn’t polished, right?

    • Fabio Bittar:

      Agreed. Vanilla Daggerfall is unpolished enough. I continue visiting the site every single day, and I am just as anxious as the next guy, but the whole point of this project is seeing a fully functional, feature rich Daggerfall, with all the good stuff that was left out put in.

      So I am willing to wait for as long as it takes. Maybe if he didn’t promise us a beta release for January, we wouldn’t be like this (which is why John Carmack refuses to give release dates, ever).

      • jaminme1:

        Yeah. Just a little more patience.

        • Fabio Bittar:

          I’ve been playing a lot of Skyrim lately, waiting for the Dragonborn DLC to come out. If DaggerXL doesn’t come out now, I am cool with it. No pressure from me. Like I said, every time a programmer commits to a date, be it a day, month or semester, I feel anxious. It ends up creating pressure for everybody, and it might result in less than optimal software.

          So, this is my last comment in here (this post). If DaggerXL comes out on the 30th, cool. If not, super cool, too.

          +1 for taking the project this far! I am your fan.

          • Matarael:

            Let’s hope it’s not your last post, Fabio, there are many people like you who are excited to see this happen that share your passion. Keep posting and let’s keep up the key message that you’re trying to get across: we are all really excited to see this happen and have a very fond memory of DF.

            I can tell from your posts that you write with good intentions and not to apply undue pressure. I think Boaz was just trying to push back against undue pressure–and the usage of “shut up” can be a bit inflammatory on the Internet.

            So, peace XLe lovers. We’re going to get some DF soon. And hopefully really soon! :)

          • JP:

            Great attitude, I’m sure it’s appreciated! Thanks for keeping things positive.

  • Sigmundr:

    I can’t wait for this. Been waiting for a while now eagerly

  • jaminme1:

    One more day. One more day.

  • Dyrver Eriksson:

    Happy to know you are alive and well and had a much deserved vacation and also still dedicated to the project. Eagerly awaiting when you start to work on cross platform support. Would be happy to lend a hand debugging for the Linux version and other bits if needed. ;D Also wow, beginning to end gameplay is showing a lot sooner than I expected, so keep up the good work. :D

  • Mind:

    Hey, he have just a few more hours to go.(just one more unfunny joke)

  • Matermind:

    Hey, my long heron post has not been approved yet…

  • Mysti:

    Well, to play deviled avocado, he did say he “planned” to release it. It doesn’t mean it’s set in stone, just that he’d try / hope to get it out this month. ;)

  • Krizzen:

    I check the site weekly, atleast. I’ve been watching the progress for a long time now. It’s been a while since a good release, this one is sure to be awesome guys. Lucius is the man!

  • Danno:

    Ah well that’s a shame :(

    Any updates?

  • Mark:

    So very happy that this isn’t one of those remake projects that were abandoned midway after building up much hype.

    I’m so excited!! Thanks so much for your effort and persistence!!

  • vladdrak:

    i want bloodxl so damn bad. why isn’t he finishing that first? i don’t care daggerfall, i’ve been to girls already :D

    • vcatkiller:

      From what I can make out the Blood project has been put on hold due to Jace Hall (founder of Monolith Software, original creators of Blood) having a go at updating the game himself. The difference is he has access to the original Blood source code, Lucius does not. That said I’m sure Lucius will pick it up again if nothing happens.

      That said it’s the 2nd of February here, c’mon guy I’m gonna act all arrogant and entitled and rant for a while! Nah just kidding take your time. :)

  • vladdrak:

    1st Feb no news, I feel like a jilted lover ;)

  • Damanslaya:

    Passed the first month, but I am still checking on updates about the DaggerXL Beta several times every day. I must admit I cannot wait until the DaggerXL Beta gets released in its complete form. I support you every step of the way and I understand how hard it is to script and compile an engine under a different code to be compatible with an older game.

    (Also you made a typo on this sentence in particular: “As close to done as projects like these EVERY get anyway” when it should be: “As close to done as projects like these EVER get anyway”)

  • Matermind:

    As Duke Nukem says, “Uh, uh, uh. Where is it?”

  • jaminme1:

    Don’t worry guys. Lucius usually disappears for a long time and comes back with a handful of updates. My purpose of waiting for the XL engine is to finally play and soon, mod Daggerfall. I’ve played the original blood and found no problems in it so far. Except that the XL engine aims to improve its multiplayer and add some other cool features. So. . . Yeah, DAGGERXL!

  • Matermind:

    Please post this. Otherwise I will die of cancer and my family will go on benefits and thus you – the taxpayer – will have to pay for their sustenance. Please even if you don’t like me then think of all the money you can save if you post this.

  • chiknbone:

    Isn’t Chinese new years in February anyway?

    • Damanslaya:

      Huh… I would have never considered that Lucius might be Chinese and the first month of the New Year could have meant February to him, but not to us.

  • Corto:

    This is great! I just discovered DaggerXL and now it’s already on the verge of beta. Fantastic! I’m really looking forward to next release.

  • Daggerdude1:

    Its been 5 months since the last major update. why? because he’s one man, making a gaming engine with 5 or so gaming modules and scripts. i dont expect him to release this until the summer once he gets some time off. the best thing ya’ll can do is come back in another 5 months, by then he’ll have time. otherwise, you’re wasting your time. he is self motivated, not by fans or bosses or paychecks, its a work of love and, well, it takes time to make a baby so to speak, and he pretty much updates whenever he wants to/has work, and nothing will change that, and it is what it is.

  • Dave the Brave:

    Can’t WAIT for DaggerXL Beta! It’s gonna be SO GOOD.

  • Sigmundr:

    Maybe it will be out, next christmas.

  • Matermind:

    We love you Lucius!

  • jaminme1:

    It’s been quiet here since Christmas, and Lucius is still not here. Where the heck is the beta?

  • vcatkiller:

    Settle petal, no news possibly means Mr Lucius is tied up with real life. No point thumping your chest and getting all uppety, the beta will happen when it happens.

  • jaminme1:

    You made me lol, man. I just hope this comes out before I die.

  • anthony:

    How can he even dev this for such humorous people.. damn.

  • Does anyone get the feeling that “A watched pot never boils” statement is true here? I check this site frequently, but the updates are few and far apart :(

  • Matermind:

    Yes jaminme1, as I wrote to Lucius in “still awaiting moderation” comment, I am dying of cancer and it is my last wish to see daggerxl before I depart this mortal plane.

  • Edward:

    For those who don’t visit forums:
    Post subject: News update: Feb. 07, 2013Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:20 am
    Site Staff

    Joined: Thu Apr 14, 2011 7:58 pm
    Posts: 232
    An ongoing family emergency struck in the middle of January, which has occupied a great deal of Lucius’ time when he’s not at work. Right now there’s no ETA as to when the situation will resolve itself. My best estimate is that Lucius will be acting as a caretaker for several more weeks, depending on the rate of healing.

    In other news, Lucius’ computer is failing to boot. There appears to be nothing wrong with Lucius’ hard drive. Even if there was, all of Lucius’ code is safely stored away in a repository, so once his computer is repaired, he’ll be able to pick up right where he left off. I only mention this event since the slight possibility exists that this could impact development if there should be any extensive delays involved in getting the computer repaired. Realistically though, I expect Lucius’ computer to be repaired long before the family emergency has passed.”

  • vcatkiller:

    Read about that in the forums, sounds like things are tough. Of course family comes before anything else (including self-entitled whiners like me <_<) so I'm pretty sure we can all sit tight and wait.

    I hope it all works out Mr Lucius, you're a good fellow. :)

  • goldleaf:

    Oh so sorry to hear about the family emergency. I hope everything is fine. Lucius is such a hardworking fellow and clearly loves what he does. Lets all say a little prayer for Lucius and his dear family folks.

  • chiknbone:

    You know, ive been lurking around this project since 2009. Just thought i would share, didn’t realize how long it had been. I’ve checked in nearly every day, even back when this was just a blog on wordpress, long road man, looong road. Id like to say that with amount of crap that this guy has gone through over the years, i don’t care when this game comes out, the fact that he has stuck with it this long is unbelievable, and to see it finally starting to enter beta! I honestly never thought it would happen (no offense meant, its just that the projects so often get abandoned). I think when this project is all said and done, im going to be sort of sad, its really been one of the only constants in my life, but i still look forward to the end product :]

  • Klasodeth:

    I posted another update regarding the status of the XL Engine. Short version: Lucius’ computer is fixed and as expected no development progress was lost. Development is still on hold for a little while longer, since Lucius’ wife is still healing.

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