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This will be just a small update, but OutlawsXL now supports objects. It parses the Item definitions (.ITM files) and sprite files (NWX).


Next I will fix various texture alignment issues, properly parse vertical adjoins – which the engine already supports as seen from previous BloodXL posts and make some final Outlaws rendering tweaking.

Once that is complete I’ll start on level interactivity and get the multiplayer going.





21 Responses to “Merger Update 9: Outlaws Sprites”

  • Sinael:

    Lucius, you are a god among source-port devs!

  • MooCow:

    I just can’t beleive you put all of these for single player on ports. I really want the update now but i got to be patient. This could be as strong as if people started modding blood and the other games on your port. In the future try programming dark forces and dagger fall multiplayer. your allready a god but you could be jesus xD

  • Johnny Law:

    I’ll admit I’m just lurking in wait for the beta of Dark Forces support, but it’s still interesting to see you rolling along on this other stuff. For whatever reason, I never played Outlaws or Blood back in the day, but I’ll be tempted to give them a try. Looks like Blood at least is available at GOG, which is handy…

  • Truffle:

    Amazing work. You did say that you were going to make the source code available right? I’m curious as to how you parse files such as NWX files.

    Thanks for the hard work you’re doing.

    • luciusDXL:

      Yes, when I’m satisfied with the quality of the code it’ll be released. As for NWX files, I am surprised how little data about the format is available online. Fortunately it wasn’t too hard to figure out myself. :)

      • Truffle:

        I havent looked myself but can you see it easily in a hex editor? This no access to my outlaws pc is driving me crazy

        • doc_briandms:

          I hate to ask Truffle what’s going on? I know your moving, hopefully it just has to do with your move and not a computer problem.

          • Truffle:

            my main PC was packed away… It’s unpacked now… Move didn’t happen, not yet anyway. I’ll get back to some map reviews here pretty soon.

  • MooCow:

    I was just bron when these games came out but before super copy right laws my dad would get these game copy from his friend. my first game i played was quake 2 then dark forces then chex quest beleive it or not. when i became a teen i played the doom and wolfensteins but i wanted more better graphics so i got to blood and duke nukem. Windows updates to much and even though you probably don’t have much support when your finished people will so excited for this. this is big but simple and you did it thank you.

  • Greetings,

    I have been an adamant admirer of your work for a while now. I really look forward to running a high quality version of Blood on my GNU/Linux box. Outlaws, Dark Forces and the rest are nice too.

    Finally got around to mentioning this on the Blood Wiki, alongside other “lesser”, in my opinion, attempts by other people to get this done:

    Thank you,
    Graham “Gideon” Wilson
    Moderator and Co-Founder
    Blood Wiki

  • Turtle:


    i just recently downloaded this engine to test it on my free Daggerfall (ver 2.13 full abandonware download) and it keeps telling me that my game is not patched to version 2.13 and that i needed to run the update.

    The version i use was a full pack with preinstalled DosBox and all major mods added, could you tell me what the problem is?


    • Klasodeth:

      Your problem is probably the fact that you installed all major mods. If any mod altered the executable, it can break support with DaggerXL. Try reinstalling Daggerfall without any mod addons.

  • Roger:

    Soooo Stoked to see outlaws!

    Please let me know if you want artist time donations. (I can do 3d/2d) – Outlaws was the game that turned me into a game maker.

    • luciusDXL:

      This would be a good post for the forums. However if you want to help on the art side:

      You probably noticed that DarkXL and DaggerXL have nice “XL” title screens that show up before the original game starts. These are useful for showing the version number and giving the ability to setup stuff before actually starting.

      I’m going to make a post about making similar screens for OutlawsXL and BloodXL on the forums. If you’d like to join and volunteer to make one of these it would be helpful. :)

  • MooCow:

    So lucius i got a question will the multiplayer and server stuff be like skulltag in the future?

  • Michel Renier:

    … just cannot wait for the next release( Is it near or very far?

  • LunaVorax:

    Count on me to try the Linux port as soon as it’ll be available!

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The XL Engine is and will remain free, donations are purely optional but greatly appreciated.