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Outlaws stuff is also coming along now as well:

Before the dual-adjoin support was added. Note though that is shows basic level geometry, textures, sky and slopes.

After dual adjoins were added.



I’ve recently added masked wall support and all the levels can be loaded. Next up is to get the sprite data converted and rendered – objects are being loaded but are current ignored except for the player start. Once that is done I’ll finish up the rendering for OutlawsXL and then start getting the gameplay and initial multiplayer pass in for the release.

Here you can see masked walls (used for windows):

This game uses dual-adjoins a lot in order to create 3D geometry from sectors, as you can see from the images below. Unlike Dark Forces, 3D models and secondary sector heights aren’t used. Instead even things like 3D staircase railings and fences are made out of sectors.


3 Responses to “Merger Update 8: OutlawsXL!”

  • C.H.:

    Allright! Just read you were not feeling well, and now, another update. :3

    You work with three different games on a single engine, Daggerfall being the largest part of your project(right?).
    – Any chance your engine can support games like “Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri” and “G-Nome” at some point? (I have them both in 90’s big-boxes! :D ) Would love to see them resurrected, especially Terra Nova: SFC. Not sure if the fan-base is very tight for G-Nome, Terra Nova: SFC is (partially?) alive on the forum.

    Carl H.

  • Michel Renier:

    Good to see the progress!
    Are we awaiting the release the next time?

  • xrror:

    Wow, Outlaws was definitely proud of it’s adjoins! I’m frightened to know just how many sectors were used for decorations like that stair rail. It’s fun to see glimpses of how these games were put together.

    As always – awesome work Lucius. If it wasn’t exciting enough to see these old games coming back to life, it’s infinity more so to see that it’s being done by someone showing so much competence in not just the engine, but the toolchain (integrated into said engine no less!) to create more content for them. How did we get so lucky? =D

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The XL Engine is and will remain free, donations are purely optional but greatly appreciated.