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Since the last post I fixed some issues with vertical adjoins, turned all the “teleport” water (Duke Nukem 3D style water) into vertical adjoins with translucent surfaces (optional, can be displayed as opaque) and added support for the surface palettes. This will turn the grass and some of the leaves gray in the first level, make the water textures look blue, allow for yellowish lighting around light sources and so forth.



Wall oriented and floor oriented sprites are now working. There are still some tweaking to make the light levels look correct and occasional sorting issue – but the oriented sprites are pretty much complete. Next up are camera oriented sprites, sprites with multiple sides (like enemies) and transparent/translucent adjoin textures (for things like the windows). And of course skies (which is pretty obvious looking at the last shot I’m sure).

After that I’ll get to tweaking overall lighting/palettes and enabling depth cueing. I have a method that should allow the lighting to match the original pretty well even with OpenGL rendering. (There will be a software renderer later to allow for a more exact match if desired).

Once the rendering for BloodXL is complete I’ll get Outlaws working as well – now that the necessary feature additions are in-place and working. Then I’ll get all the projects rendering correctly in the XL Engine post-merger code base, which involves some refactoring for DaggerXL and change over to the improved sector rendering system for DarkXL.

The merger should be complete in a couple of weeks, with DarkXL and DaggerXL back up to where they were before plus some additional features and enhancements and BloodXL and OutlawsXL minimally playable (i.e. – levels function but only one enemy type and weapon type). At that point the XL Engine will be available for Windows, OS X and Linux.



5 Responses to “Merger Update 6: Sprites!”

  • Michel Renier:

    Screenshots just reminded me of the old Ultima Underworld. If only it was possible to recreate it on your amazing engine…
    And, of course, it will be marvellous to see the entire work (especially, daggerXl)

  • XTIAN:

    Can´t wait for Dark Forces… and thanks for all your hard work here.

  • Matt:

    Hehe, how strange.. I also thought about Ultima Underworld when I saw this. Was about to post the same as poster above me :)

    Anyhow, I love reading these updates and hearing how well this project goes! DaggerXL is like a dream come true for me.

  • Draken:

    Wonderful news as always, Lucius. Don’t burn yourself out now.

  • Blue Footed Booby:

    Yeah, if I could pick one other game to squeeze into this project it’d be UU, because holy god have the interface and graphics aged poorly. A million people have set out to re-implement the engine, but no one has even come close to finishing. It’s incredibly frustrating. Of course, I’m an RPG freak and would gladly trade all the not-daggerfall games supported for UU.

    Realistically, though, remaking UU is a task for another time and a different crazy person.

    PS: Lucius, I love you and want to have your unnatural manbabies. Figuratively.

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The XL Engine is and will remain free, donations are purely optional but greatly appreciated.