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After a trip and short delay, the XL Engine merger progress has resumed. I’ve been working on the sector rendering and collision part of the pipeline. The collision is pretty much complete – it’s pretty much the DarkXL collision code with some slight refactoring and the addition of slope support. As for rendering, I’ve been working on getting the Blood data fully converted and adding engine features needed to support additional Blood and Outlaws features.

In addition the sector rendering algorithm has undergone another revision in order to make rendering faster and more robust. The new algorithm requires no wall sorting or portal clipping, still requires no pre-processing but still maintains the ability to handle dynamic sectors, overlapping sectors and portal-like effects (such as the Perplexion level in Dark Forces). I’ll discuss the algorithm in detail in a future post. I’ve added support for slopes, for rendering and collision as well as “vertical adjoins” (i.e. sector over sector or room over room). To avoid moving sectors around after load I added the ability to apply an offset when traversing sectors through adjoins or vertical sections. Basically sectors connected through adjoins (i.e. portals or sector edges) do not need to be adjacent in space in order to appear adjacent in game.

Below I’ll show some screenshots of Blood levels in action. Some notes: sky is currently not handled correctly, texture scale and horizontal offsets are correct but vertical offsets are not always correct, there are some visual issues that I’m still working out and finally sprites are not currently rendered (but will be soon). Currently per-surface palettes are not supported but will be before the release.






6 Responses to “Merger Update 5: Levels!”

  • TNoyce:

    Lucius — that’s just awesome..

    Another old game that I’d love to see get a facelift.

  • Simon Buchan:

    I’m guessing the basic trick of the new renderer is using your sector triangulation so you can naturally walk the scene in order? I’ll be interested to see your post on it for details!

  • Sori:

    Good news, but… I just hope you didn’t forget about DaggerXL. ;)

    • luciusDXL:

      I’m working on the Sector system at the moment which is why those games are featured. But the merger release will still have DaggerXL with all the features that are currently there and then some.

  • pauLL:

    I thought there’d be some great news after your holiday and you certainly delivered.

  • Axl:

    I’ve been a Blood-fan for many years. This looks really amazing… We really appreciate this ! keep up the good work !

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The XL Engine is and will remain free, donations are purely optional but greatly appreciated.