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Pretty much got the Blood UI stuff out of the way, at least good enough for the first release. So the next step is re-integrating the sector rendering/collision stuff and adding in the few missing features for Blood and Outlaws.

A few screenshots:

This is a texture browser that I implemented using a simple UI script. If you hover over a texture it tells you the index and size. You can scroll through using up/down or page up and page down. I’m using it to find textures quickly but an enhanced version will wind up in the editor.

And then the title screen. Demos don’t work and won’t on the first release, which is why the background is black but the menu functions, the blood and selection animate. (And I know the border graphic around the word “Blood” is upside down, it has been fixed already as seen in the 4:3 screenshots below).


More UI screenshots in 4:3


And the “Game” screen – note the HUD is rendering though the weapon will be replaced by a proper weapon script later. The next update will show real level geometry again. :)


As mentioned above, the next step is re-integrating the sector/world system. Since I’ll be adding any missing features that Blood and Outlaws need you’ll see screenshots of that work in action soon. :D

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  • pauLL:

    Beholds awesomeness…
    *head explodes!*

  • Michel Renier:

    And how are things going with Daggerfall?

    • luciusDXL:

      Sorry for the lack of a reply. DaggerXL has not been forgotten, I just updated the forums with the post-merger plans for DaggerXL. :)

      This merger process will be greatly beneficial for DaggerXL as well as the other games. Examples include: multi-platform support, UI scripts and tool to make building the NPC, Shop and Quest systems much easier and faster, much better low end support, optimizations and so forth. It may seem like I’m focusing on Blood and other games at the moment but the reality is that everything benefits from the work I’m currently doing.

  • Michel Renier:

    And again… Is it possible for a person, who is not a programmer, to help you with your work?

    • luciusDXL:

      If you visit the forums you can participate in one of the mod projects or help out with things like art for things like title screens and icons. You can also provide feedback, test and so on.

  • Scott:

    Just came across your site a few days ago, and just wanted to say what you’re doing is awesome!

    I’m a heavy Elder Scrolls fan, and I’ve long enjoyed both Morrowind & Oblivion, but it was only recently that I came across Daggerfall. Can’t wait until a solid release – it’ll give me the chance to play DF without my eyes bleeding :)
    – Scott

  • 2qiller2:

    Hi, i love your work, and I can’t wait for new XL Engine release with updated DaggerXL ;]. Keep up the good work!

  • Personally I’d liked to hear more about DaggerXL progress :-p by any progress is good progress in my books. Dind’t know you were this far in BloodXL. Tought it was still in conceptual stages.

  • Daedalus:

    Hi Lucius,

    Your project is very interesting, and promising. I would like to play Daggerfall with the XLengine (only played -heavily modded- Morrowind and Oblivion at the moment), so i really am looking forward to this.

    A question: after reading the news sections, you mention other games could be supported, but… what games? I mean… only 1996, 1997, 1998 games? with pretty similar tech to Dagger, Blood, etc.?

    Or the XLengine could support, in the future, games like f.e. the first Splinter Cell (2002 game, based on DX8 and Unreal 2)? This game, and hitman, thief… have a lot of problems with current Operating systems, widescreens, etc, and SC itself is not moddable, so a new engine, moddable and with widescreen and modern OS support would with wonderfull.

    Can you explain on that? Btw, good job :)

  • anonymous:

    Speaking of forgotten old school games, In Pursuit of Greed (from Softdisc) is another one I think worth saving (the game would certainly be a lot better with high res and mouse look!). ;)

  • anonymous:

    I don’t think Powerslave (or Exhumed for Europeans) has a source port. It would be awesome if you could add support for it in later releases.

  • C.H.:

    What is probably needed, is the Terra Nova Multiplayer Pack that never was… :3

    I just needed to put Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri in here, it must not be forgotten. :)

  • Michel Renier:

    If we are already speaking on games, it would be a good idea to include Arena XL and Battlespire XL in the list (just to complete the Bethesda list).
    As for “Redguard”, it works fine with 3dfx emulators.
    But giving to the Daggerfall the appearence like in … Oh, it would be a real dream coming true (but still it would be great to have an option for “classic” look – with already existing enhancements it truly deserves it)

  • kipp:

    jez hes already supporting 4 games that arent playable yet and this project has been running for a LONG time please looking at these comments nothing short to a jumping child for sweets. How about some encouragement for whats been worked on, either in a donation or kindness.
    Seriously you guys might as well list all the 190-95 games and say WANT IT ffs

    • luciusDXL:

      Blood and Outlaws will be somewhat playable when the merger build is released. However the merger is taking a while because I’ve been refactoring the entire engine while adding multiplatform (Windows, Linux, OS X) and networking support, switching to OpenGL and moving all the existing UI and gameflow to UI scripts.

      However once this is finished most of the major systems will be in place and continual game progress will be much easier. In addition getting the newer games to Beta (Blood, Outlaws) will be MUCH faster then DarkXL due to the maturity of the engine and scripting.

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The XL Engine is and will remain free, donations are purely optional but greatly appreciated.