The XL Engine is and will remain free, donations are purely optional but greatly appreciated.

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The console is now re-integrated and fully works. Below you can see some simple screenshots of the console in action, on Windows and Linux (click to see full size). Note that these are older, keep reading for a more recent look:


This may not look like much, but many of the core systems had to be re-written or re-integrated just to get to this point. Remember that for the merger I’ve started with a fresh new project and have been re-integrating and refactoring the code as I import it (or rewritting as needed) to work with OpenGL, be free of D3DX dependence and work on Windows, Linux and OS X while sharing as much as possible.

So far the dynamic game libraries are working, DarkXL is displayed above because the DarkXL.dll / file is currently loaded. It gets the name and version number from the library since the games can be updated without recompiling the engine. There is also the platform independent Input system, file system, image loader, texture cache, core renderer, vertex and index buffers, bitmap fonts and font rendering, console, high resolution timer and so forth.

The “movie playback” system is in place, with the first supported format being the cutscene system used by Dark Forces. In addition the UI scripts, which control the UI/HUD and general gameflow are working well. DaggerXL UI scripts and movie playback support is next.

I’ve also been taking care to handle widescreen better with 2D elements.

DarkXL Title screen:


On Linux:

And various screenshots from the intro cutscene, notice that the aspect ratio is preserved, which is why there are black borders on either side in widescreen. Note that game UI will recieve similar treatment.


Once more of the UI is finished for DarkXL, I’ll do the same for DaggerXL, BloodXL and OutlawsXL. After that I start getting the 3D gameplay re-integrated and working for all 4 games on all platforms. I’m expecting to start getting the gameplay re-integrated and start outside testing next week.

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  • C.H.:

    Hah! Great work, keep on rocking! :3

  • Valek:

    Wow! Excellent!!!

  • Brendan:


    ARGH! again can’t thank you enough for devoting your time to this, amazing stuff.
    good luck!

  • pauLL:

    Too awesome for words!
    Maybe you should have a Facebook page? Might help generate additional attention?

  • Ben:

    Ah, DarkForces. I played a demo for that (came with some old star wars game–forget which) a long time ago. It was fun, and even the demo had a lot of hidden stuff that you could find. Guess I’ll have to get the full game some day.

    Daggerfall is pretty fun. Like Morrowind but older graphics (save for the cut scenes). When DaggerXL is done, will it be 100% faithful (i.e., will it have bugs where you fall through the floor like when i played it in DOSBox)? ;-)

    Can’t wait for the Linux port. It runs in wine, but doesn’t agree with my graphics driver (I guess) so the game doesn’t display right (turned sideways and various other rendering problems…well, it doesn’t look like it renders anything after it starts).

    • luciusDXL:

      The plan is to be faithful in the ways that make sense. However I will fix or avoid obvious bugs, such as falling through the floor, save corruption, reputation bugs, etc.. Even if I had the original source I would still do that, in order to make the game more enjoyable without mucking with anything important.

  • irukanjji:

    I cant enable the console, the tilde key dont work

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The XL Engine is and will remain free, donations are purely optional but greatly appreciated.