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As I discussed in previous updates, I have the cell loading code in place. Prior to that I already had the save/load menu fully functional, except for the actual saving and loading – selecting saves, sounds, double-clicking, etc.. So now its time to put those things together and fully support the Daggerfall save games.

Here is a screenshot of the menu, I’ve shown this screen before but ;) You’ll see my current save games, which are different then last time – and setup to make testing different kinds of areas easier. And, of course, this is taken from my DaggerfallDOS executable – where I test the reverse engineered code as-is before moving (with refactoring and/or rewritting) into DaggerXL.


Currently I’m working on parsing the faction data in faction.c and then loading the appropriate faction data from the save. I’ve already gone through most of the other setup – clearing out object links, deleting existing *.atf and *.amf files from the arena2/ folder, copying those files from the current save folder to arena2/, as well as copying rumor.datbio.dat, mapsave.sav. I’ve also loaded in all the data from savevars.dat.

Once that is complete I’ll start by making sure I can load various dungeons – I’ll be sure to show some in-dungeon screenshots when I that is done, then work on exterior and interiors. Once one type of area is fully functional, all areas of that type should be. Then I can start connecting completed pieces together (and completing pieces as needed) to get a fully functional game – quests, faction data, etc.

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  • daggerfalluser129:

    Woo! I love these frequent updates. Don’t be afraid to get technical, too! The little code snippits are awesome.

  • Adam:

    It feels like we’re getting tantalisingly close with each passing month. My mouth ever waters at DaggerXL and OpenMW; the very thought of the possibility of playing the best Elder Scrolls games natively in Linux… I don’t want to jinx it! D:

    I’m enjoying these more frequent updates :-)

  • Dagganticipation:

    YES!! Two years in a row as far as posts on my birthday goes! And also two years in a row that I commented a day late on the post on my birthday! Any and all news is a welcome present :)

  • Bobsled7:

    +1 for appreciating the frequent updates. Looking forward to playing!

  • Mike:

    I was going to comment on the awesomeness of the frequent updates, and noticed I’m not alone. So +2!
    Thanks for taking the time to write these. :D

  • Volatile:

    I’m loving these frequent updates, too. Keep it up. :)

  • Shannon M:

    Congrats on the progress. Awesome work, keep it up!

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The XL Engine is and will remain free, donations are purely optional but greatly appreciated.