DOOM mod Samsara, Kyle Katarn, Caleb ect, in DOOM.

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DOOM mod Samsara, Kyle Katarn, Caleb ect, in DOOM.

Postby Manhs » Fri Mar 25, 2016 7:46 pm

Hello, i wanted show you a mod I like in DOOM, it's called samsara, you can play with the heroes of retro fps in the world of DOOM (or in DM, but it's not made for it, it's unbalanced).
I was scared bout if the mod is not too far from the original game or just not well made but it's really neat and well made, and it's a ton of fun to play it in Survival (or coop but need a limit for the maxlives)

They use key 1-7 for the weapons, so there is a limit but sometimes, just re-press a key to get the other weapon!
Here is an exemple with Kyle Katarn:

There is still some people who play it online, it's always an awesome moment to have with the other people who have the passion of retro fps!

There is some wads who use custom monsters, stronger, it's a great challenge! Or just normal wads.

They work on a mod who will all the monsters of the game of the heroes who are in the mods, it's unbelievable but they are working on it ! And yeah, the enemies of Dark Forces (BLOOD, Exhumed ect..) will be in ! Awesome project, really impressive. It will be a pk3 who will use a monster mixer. But for now, you can try it with the zandronum port and doomseeker if you want give a try !

Kyle Katarn is really fun to play, each class has a final weapon (7th) and for Kyle, it's the Dark Trooper gun! :D
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Re: DOOM mod Samsara, Kyle Katarn, Caleb ect, in DOOM.

Postby W. G. Bergamot » Wed Mar 30, 2016 7:42 am

I like how they molded the DF HUD into the DOOM style. Parts of the weapon selection banner at the top are also from the Kyle's PDA. Their version of Kyle's head isn't bad, either.

Molding the distinct visual styles of all those retro HUDs is something I would have enjoyed.

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