TES Talk: Aesthetics

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TES Talk: Aesthetics

Postby Dubba_D » Sat Nov 15, 2014 7:44 am

[Please refer to the Introduction for rules and premise]

Here we'll be discussing the aesthetics that could be seen in the next ES game(s). Note that graphics aren't the same thing as aesthetics.

First, let's ask ourselves a few questions:

-What is the main 'feel' the game would incite?
-How would the visuals, audio, kinaesthetics (feel of motion, like inputs) create a cohesive artistic design?
-In the vain of game feel, how would the relation between the inputs and the actions thereof create an immersive experience?

You can ask other questions, as well, as long as they pertain to the topic.

If I had to start of the topic, I'd ask whether the next game would strive for photorealism, or stylization (no where in between ;) )

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