Bug Reporting

Report the undead bugs crawling through Blood.
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XL Engine Developer / Site Admin
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Bug Reporting

Postby luciusDXL » Mon Jan 11, 2016 1:20 am

This forum is dedicated to reporting bugs in the most recent DOS version of Blood. Bugs reported here can be discussed and when needed used to create tickets and resolutions for the game running on the XL Engine.

Each bug should be posted as its own post, though closely related bugs may be grouped in the same post. Here is a general format that bugs reports should follow (ignore any parts that don't apply). Post any screenshots and/or video that illustrate the bug.

If bugs are found to be fixed in the XL Engine - then the title will be edited as appropriate. Titles markup include: [Confirmed], [Not a Bug], [Duplicate], [Closed].

Bug Report Template

Post title
Bug Title - a one liner that briefly describes the bug.

Bug Description
A concise description of what the problem is. Pure description, no narrative or conversational language.

Trivial, Minor, Major, or Catastrophic

Steps to Reproduce
Step by step instructions on how to reproduce this bug.
Do not assume anything, the more detailed your list of instructions, the easier it is to track down the problem!

Actual Behavior
Type what happens when you follow the instructions. This is the manifestation of the bug.

Expected Behavior
Type what you expected to happen when you followed the instructions. This is important, because you may have misunderstood something or missed a step, and knowing what you expected to see will help us recognize that.

Troubleshooting/Testing Steps Attempted
Describe anything you did to try to fix it on your own (if applicable).

If you found a way to make the game/system work in spite of the bug, describe how you did it here.
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Bug Reporting

Postby Ninelcum » Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:57 am

This topic is for reporting any bugs, typos, or errors found on the main site and the forums.

Do NOT reply to something another member says. A moderator or administrator will take care of it. Failure to abide by this rule will result in a warning.

We will try our best to let you know when the error has been fixed as soon as possible.

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