Screen shaking when approaching dungeon entrances

Bugs infesting the DOS version of Daggerfall.
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Screen shaking when approaching dungeon entrances

Postby MrFlibble » Thu Jan 14, 2016 12:40 pm

Bug Description
When moving very close to an entrance of a dungeon that looks like a mound, the screen will shake rapidly. This was observed with mounds of these types:
Image Image
The mound on the left always gives this effect, the one on the right sometimes doesn't. It seems to be related to the actual shape of the mound entrances.

Trivial, but quite annoying.

Steps to Reproduce
Find a dungeon with a mound entrance as shown above. Face the entrance and move close to it.

Actual Behaviour
The screen will shake rapidly as if the player character was jumping up and down vary fast.

Expected Behaviour
The player character should stand normally at the entrance.

With the mound of the second type, standing at the centre and not touching the side parts of the mound will avoid this effect. With the mound of the first type, it is not possible to approach the exit without touching the slopes on the sides.

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