Doors get stuck half-open

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Doors get stuck half-open

Postby MrFlibble » Thu Jan 14, 2016 11:53 am

Bug Description
If a game is saved while a door is opening/closing, loading that game will result in the door being stuck in a half-opened state, and it will not be possible to open or close that door anymore.

Trivial. The doors stuck in this fashion seem to be passable. Also this is unlikely to occur often.

Steps to Reproduce
When in a dungeon, open or close a door, then save the game before the door has finished opening/closing. Load the saved game.

Actual Behaviour
The door will be stuck in a half-opened/half-closed position. It will not be possible to interact with this door anymore (it cannot be opened or closed again).

Expected Behaviour
The door should finish opening/closing as usual.

Do not save games when a door is closing or opening.

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