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Re: Oculus Rift support

Postby CarlKenner » Tue Apr 23, 2013 3:30 am

The Verge wrote:It’s important to clear something up right away; the Oculus Rift is unfinished, unpolished, and in many important respects, unplayable.

This sounds bad taken out of context, but keep in mind that the Verge are generally HUGE fans of the Oculus Rift, and this guy is talking about using the developer kit in an unfinished and unreleased demo version of Hawken made specially for GDC. And this article is titled "I played 'Hawken' on the Oculus Rift and it made me a believer". It is pretty much the only negative review.

The Verge wrote:The Rift’s 720p display, despite sitting so close to the eyes, doesn’t look like a 720p display.

Actually the display is 800p, but you can't see the whole screen through the lenses. How much of the screen you can see depends on the user and whether you wear glasses or not, and how it is adjusted. Some of the resolution is wasted. It's stretched across more than 90 degrees of your FOV, so the pixels end up looking bigger than they do on a small monitor. Generally people stop noticing after a minute, but the GDC demos had to be short.
The consumer version is almost certain to be 1080p and will waste less of the screen.
None of that is important for playing 320x200 DOS games though.

The Verge wrote:When I first jumped into my Hawken mech, I noticed how blurry everything seemed — as if my eyes were looking at something in the world but the game wasn't able to catch up to my point of view with the right depth of field.

Part of that is just because Hawken is very grey, and most of what you can look at is far away which the low resolution doesn't help with. Part of it is the low resolution. Part of that is the refresh rate and pixel response time, which aren't important on a fixed screen, but are very important in a head-tracked display. I heard it's possible to run the Rift at 75Hz instead of 60Hz, and I'm hoping that will reduce the problem a bit.
But part of the blurriness is probably just that it wasn't adjusted properly for each user because they had a huge queue of thousands of people waiting hours in line to try it. Other people didn't complain about blurriness.

TheVerge wrote:At several points, my perspective "drifted," forcing Oculus to reset Hawken so that the Rift's’ line-of-sight lined up with my own. A couple of times, I twisted in my chair to line my body up with where the Oculus thought my eyes were oriented."

This is a purely software problem, and it is indeed "not finished". The Rift has a 3 axis magnetometer (running at 1000Hz) for preventing and correcting drift, but they haven't finished writing the sensor fusion code, so the magnetometer is completely unused at the moment. I expect that to be fixed in the next month or two. It's only a problem for cockpit games like Hawken, and is completely irrelevant for FPS games. The drift is only in yaw, since the accelerometers are already correcting for pitch and roll.

jet800 wrote:Fun, interesting, but useless for end-users yet - this is what I feel about Oculus Rift, mostly because it's not any near cost efficiency ;)

That's because you haven't tried it. Actually it's ridiculously cheap. $300 including shipping, plus a $20 steam voucher, was a steal for US kickstarter backers.
The dev kit isn't intended for end-users, and the consumer version isn't coming out until next year, so in that sense it's not ready for end users. But I'd still have bought it even if I wasn't a developer. The consumer version is intended to be even less than $300. :o

luciusDXL wrote:As an update, I am currently planning on getting a second gen dev-kit when they come out in June. Assuming that happens I will, of course, add Oculus Rift support to the XL Engine after the Beta releases.

That's wonderful news!

I am also interested in adding support for the "Sixense" controller since it works so well with the Rift.

That's amazing news! Difficult to implement though, since the games probably use sprites for your hands and weapons.

I'm really looking forward to this. You are awesome.
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Re: Oculus Rift support

Postby CarlKenner » Fri Apr 26, 2013 12:08 am

Just an update... Oculus have now finished removing drift in the SDK. That should no longer be an issue.

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