Can We Edit The Starting Spell Book?

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Can We Edit The Starting Spell Book?

Postby Shadowblade » Fri Apr 07, 2017 6:57 pm

The standard Magick-using type classes get a selection of about 2 to 5 spells, which varies depending on whether they are Mages, Spellswords, Nightblades, Healers, Bards and so on.

But any magick-using Custom Class gets only three, usually Shock, Slowfalling and Chameleon, IIRC.

Is it possible to edit the Starting Spellbook?

I created a Custom Cleric class, based on AD&D and the Daggerfall Healer/Battlemage idea, but was very disappointed as she started with no Healing spell. This makes getting out of Privateer's Hold a real pain.

I was also very disappointed that during the questionnaire, I had the choice of either an Ebony Dagger or a Silver Staff, but no Elven Flail.

If I have to use an Ebony Dagger, the Invulnerability cheat code or use a Saved Game editor to make the Silver Staff into an Ebony Staff just to get to the exit, the class is a failure, in my mind. :(

But it shouldn't be. It should work. A standard Thief does far, far better, due to the Ebony Dagger.

In fact, an Elven Mace would probably do, as long as she had a Healing Spell at the start.

DF Cleric of Stendarr


Destruction (fire & magicka only)


10 hp/level
1.75x INT in Sp Pts
Expertise in Blunt
Bonus vs Undead

Forbidden weaponry: Axe, Longblade, Shortblade, Missiles, Hand-to-Hand
Forbidden Material: Daedric

I made her a Breton who will join the Temple of Stendarr.

But that Silver Staff was an almost useless weapon (1-8), incredibly slow, I never got the chance to choose Elven Flail (4-18) and I refused to take the Ebony Dagger (9-14).

If she'd been able to Heal herself, I think it would work much better.

In the end, I edited the Staff into Ebony (9-16), which is close to the dagger, and not only hit far, far more often with vastly more damage per hit, but also seemed to strike faster with the same SPD stat.


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