Please stop announcing and then delaying

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Re: Please stop announcing and then delaying

Postby Voiid » Sat Mar 11, 2017 1:06 pm

Blood CM is NOT 100% accurate. I think the people who say that have never played the original game. It is the best attempt I have ever seen and for the most part it does look like Blood, but to a true Bloodite there is flaws. The physics suck, throwing TNT at a monster is disappointing, not like it was in the original where they'd rocket up into the air or their guts would fly around in such a cartoony manor. You can also hit Zombies while they are laying down. The burning animation is all wrong, there isn't even the sound when they first burst into flames (which I believe Monolith used the Duke 'thud/footstep' sound for that). Also the Fanatics tommy gun makes the same noise as the player's, but it was different in the original. Ok that is a little minor, but the physics are the main thing they need to sort out, if it is even possible, even kicking a zombie head isn't as fun. I am sad if people will be playing CM as a replacement for the original, they will be missing out on one of the funnest elements. The physics are the same as Dooms as of now.
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Re: Please stop announcing and then delaying

Postby Manhs » Sun Mar 26, 2017 9:40 am

True and the animations too.

But the guy who made bloodcm is making a java port for BLOOD, he reversed the engine but he is using the sourcecode of the alpha of blood if i remember, not sure.
You can see the progress here:

With more options and stuff, like a port, not just a mod ;) (who will need the original game to work).

So, Lucious had some troubles to finish XL engine with dark forces and the others games ?.... too bad... ):
It could be cool to have something for Dark Forces, at least.... MP with DF1 could be really fun ^^

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