DarkXl Request

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DarkXl Request

Postby hollowman » Wed Sep 11, 2013 6:25 pm

Please luciusDXL, is it possible to implement "auto aim" and "keyboard only control" to the darkxl engine? Was this already implemented?
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Re: DarkXl Request

Postby Klasodeth » Wed Sep 11, 2013 10:46 pm

Those features are still planned for DarkXL. Lucius has been busy getting DaggerXL ready for beta. Once that is finished, Lucius plans to give Dark Forces the same reverse-engineering treatment that he's giving Daggerfall. This means that auto aim and keyboard control will automatically get implemented exactly as they were in Dark Forces, as well as having the rendering code and game logics be "source code accurate". Unfortunately, this means that it will be a while yet before DarkXL is finished, but when it is it will be even more faithful to Dark Forces than it is now.
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Re: DarkXl Request

Postby Rekrul » Sun Mar 09, 2014 10:23 pm

If auto aim is to be implemented, please, Please, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make it optional!

I recently played through Dark Forces using DOSBox and some add-on programs to modernize it a little (GlovePIE to simulate mouselook & OverlayXHair to give me a crosshair) and my biggest complaint about the game is the absolutely infuriating auto aim! I would be willing to buy another copy of this game at full retail price if I could buy one without auto aim. I'd ask if anyone knows a hack to disable it in the executable so that it always acts like no enemies are in sight, but with my luck, the game probably wouldn't register hits without it. :(

Why do I hate auto aim so much? Well...

A group of enemies is standing next to a bunch of explosive canisters. All it would take is a few shots from the blaster to set off a chain reaction and kill them all, but it's impossible to shoot the canisters because the auto aim sends all the shots towards the enemies.

There's an enemy on a ledge with a powerful weapon, so he poses the biggest danger. You aim at him, and the auto aim sends all your shots down to the storm trooper directly in front of you.

There's a couple enemies standing in a doorway and they haven't seen you because you're off to the side. A mortar shell would work wonders, so you aim at the doorway, fire and the shell hits the wall outside the doorway because the auto aim tried to draw a straight line between you and the obscured enemies.

There's also the fact that the concussion rifle is 100% useless for any enemies that are above you. Try it; Aim directly at them and the blast hits the base of the wall. Aim over their heads, the blast hits the base of the wall. Move to the other side of the room and jump up in the air while firing, the blast hits the base of the wall. Useless!

I just want the shots to go where I aim them, all the time, every time, not where the game thinks they should go!

On that note, I've noticed that when looking up or down in DarkXL, the shots rarely hit what the crosshair is on. In the first level, when you go outside, you have to aim over the heads of the enemies up on the ledge to hit them.
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Re: DarkXl Request

Postby luciusDXL » Tue Apr 01, 2014 9:16 pm

Considering that the current version does not have auto-aim, it would be silly to force players to use auto-aim. :) I do plan on adding keyboard turning controls and auto-aim but only as options.

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