Daggerfall multiplayer

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Re: Daggerfall multiplayer

Postby Z-Blaster » Mon Dec 02, 2013 9:20 pm

anondogolador wrote:I'm new here on the forum, but regardless of that, i'll give my honest opinion.
I think as a placeholder for the player's character, the thieft/barbarian/battlemage/etc sprites are good but since Daggerfall was designed as a single player game and i suppose there aren't any animations of NPC sprites hitting enemies sideways/hitting on the same direction as the player is looking, i think we'd need to remake all sprites, and it seems that considering all the different pieces of armor and clothing that human/elven/beast-like players use, we'd have an easier time doing those 2.5D sprites made out of 3D images. 2.5D sprites would also look good if we managed to change all NPCs/Creatures into the same style of high quality 2.5D sprites like C.H. suggested.
There are attacking sideways sprites for all enemies.
3D models, IMHO, should be ignored. The only way i could see 3D models working well (and without demanding too much effort from 3D artists and without having to bother with polygon count, texture or size) is if we slowly removed all the sprite trees and made them 3D model trees like in Morrowind and posterior TES games while using sprites to make tall grass/flowers/bushes/shrubbery/etc and characters/NPCs.
I don't know how feasible it would be, but it surely would look much better. And i think we are all fine with high quality 2.5D sprites instead of 3D models.
When I look at the attempts to recreate objects of an older game with 3D models (ex: Duke HRP, Doom Models), they usually don't satisfy me. I end up sticking with the orginal sprites. So I see what you are saying.
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Re: Daggerfall multiplayer

Postby JackAres » Thu Aug 07, 2014 6:54 pm

Battlespire could be used as a reference when formating the game for multiplayer functionality.It was originally supposed to be an expansion for Dggerfall however it evolvedd into its own game and has multiplayer functionality.
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