* DarkXL is highly playable and mostly complete but it is still an Alpha Build. You may experience crashes or be unable to finish the game.

* This version of DaggerXL is an older version and is very incomplete. You have combat, loot, dungeons and can explore the various cities and other locations. However NPCs, quests, guilds and other game functionality were still not implemented as of this version. However I am currently working on the Beta release that will make the game fully playable. If you download this version be prepared for missing features and bugs.


The first XL Engine release is now available. Contained is DarkXL Build 9.50 and DaggerXL version 0.199:

Download here: XL Engine Release R2

OpenAL Installers

DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer



Unzip into a directory, such as XLEngine. Make sure you preserve the directory structure when unzipping. Then simply run XLengine_Launcher.exe, setup your game paths and settings and then hit play!

If you need OpenAL or get an OpenAL error when trying to run a game using the Launcher, go here and download the OpenAL Installer for Windows. If you do need to install OpenAL, you’ll need to reset your computer before running one of the games. If you do not, it will most likely crash or just not work.

If you get a DirectX or D3DX error, please install the End-User Runtimes found here.

Also remember that in DarkXL secondary fire is temporarily hardcoded to the ‘R’ key. This will be fixed soon.

Finally don’t forget to click on the Graphics tab in the Launcher to setup video and graphics settings for DaggerXL. This is the only way to set things like FullScreen, resolution and various other settings. For DarkXL you must currently set those things up in-game.



DaggerXL currently does not work with the Eye of Argonia Daggerfall mod. If you use that mod, DaggerXL will crash. Please use the launcher when running DaggerXL for the first time, it now verifies the executable version and will let you know if you have the wrong version of Daggerfall or the executable is modifed in an incompatible way.

The XL Engine is and will remain free, donations are purely optional but greatly appreciated.