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I’m posting another update to show a new screen from my reverse engineering efforts – “DaggerfallDOS.” This picture is important, however – what this shows will be a feature in the DaggerXL Beta – DaggerXL will fully support Daggerfall saves as-is. I mentioned this as an “aside” in one of my previous forum posts but I wanted to explicitly announce the feature now that it actually works.

You’ll have the option of pointing DaggerXL to you Daggerfall saves (as I’ve done in this screenshot) or specifying a new area for the DaggerXL saves. If you do the latter, you can still copy the saves over manually if you want to use them.

(click on the screenshot to see the full size version)














What you see here are my Daggerfall saves, from my current play throughs. (One “real” and one for testing some things). Of course this uses disassembled Daggerfall code in DaggerfallDOS to render this but it will look and act the same in the DaggerXL Beta (at least in “pure” mode at 320×200). There will still be the option of showing the date and time for the saves as well, like the current build of DaggerXL.


Once the Beta is released you will be able to continue the game from your current Daggerfall save games and play them in DaggerXL.

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  • Atulipe:

    when the daggerxl beta version will be release ? I cant wait.
    wonderful work !

  • Wonderful work :DDDD, I can’t wait for testing!!

  • Michel Renier:

    Oh, it’s always nice to hear about the ongoing work. And it pleases me that i can use my old saved characters again. Thank you for your work, Lucius. I might be repeating it, but you are awesome

  • Dagganticipation:

    Amazing progress! Can’t wait until the Beta is out!

  • Taiko Shinoji:

    Oh please give an ETA of when Beta will be released!!!

  • Anon:

    You just keep raising the bar, Lucius!

  • Marco:

    This is awesome! I was actually putting off starting a character in Daggerfall because I was afraid I’d have to start over once DaggerXL came out! I’m going to start up Daggerfall pretty much as soon as I finish typing this, lol.

    Question, though: I use the Daggerfall setup.exe on Ancestral Ghost’s webpage, and it says a few components (DagSkills, DOS32 Advanced DOS Extender, Projet French Daggerfall, Daggerfall RUS Pack, DaggerFall en Español) are incompatible with DaggerXL in it’s current state. If I use those components, will my saves be incompatible if I try to bring them over to DaggerXL once the beta is out?

  • Krizzen:

    No F’ing way dude. That is awesome!

  • Damanslaya:

    So I can continue my old saves from the original and import them in DaggerXL and back? This is not epic or awesome… IT IS THE MOST LEGENDARY CREATION OF A GAME ENGINE TO BRING THE GAMES OF THE OLD GENERATION TO BE COMPATIBLE WITH NEW OPERATING SYSTEMS AND WITH EXTENDED FEATURES.

  • Fabio Bittar:

    Great news!!

  • Damanslaya:

    Another question, the engine also has incompatibility with the Eye of Argonia mod for Daggerfall, but you have made a Land over Distance renderer (LOD) to see almost as far as the map can extend. Will this cause issues with the game by colliding the LOD Settings with the mod. Thanks

    • Freak2121:

      It is actually not an incompatibility with Eye of Argonia, it was only suspected.
      The incompatibility is that there are two different exes for Daggerfall and only one of them was supported on the past releases.

  • Robin W:

    I’m not sure what you’re doing, it looks like magic to me. But however you’re doing it, keep doing it!

    Do you have experience developing modern engines, or do you prefer to code for older-style games?

    • “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

      From what I can see of his engine and its features (bloom, etc), myself being a developer, I can say that he’s experienced with modern engines. His post about decompiling the original exe inspired me to start decompiling Master of Orion, and I can tell you, it’s not magic. Just lots and lots of tedious mental calculations and figuring out what a block of code does. Having experience in this area as well helps a lot, you’ll start reading the assembly naturally and be quicker in figuring out different parts of the program.

      The fact that he can do it with Daggerfall (a huge program, relatively speaking compared to Master of Orion) is impressive, but not magic :)

  • Mike B.:

    Darmok and Galad at Tenagra… ;D

  • Uriel Septim VII:

    Still checking in every day for an update, keep up the awesome work!
    As always, Emperor Uriel Septim VII approves.

  • Daggerlator:

    “Once the Beta is released” I will be in heaven! No, not literally (gotcha there!). But this will be the best news since, ermmm…… daggerfall was released!

  • nicolay:

    Even if it takes a whole year to reach beta, the waiting won’t matter much once the release hits the webs.
    Especially when all this is coming from an independent programmer doing all this for free.
    I can hardly wait, but i know it will be worth it

  • R3CLUS:

    I’ve been eagerly watching and waiting for dagger xl to be in beta for a number of years now; With each passing month I get even more excited. I’m sure I speak for a lot of people when I say thanks for working on this.

  • oukourj:

    Just another wanderer that waits for DaggerXL to be out since years.

    Much support and greetings for your work ! Keep it up :)

  • ryballs:

    lucius for president!

  • jorgi:

    Can`t wait for this to be released. Great work

  • daemor:

    oh soo nice to see this still going!, i thought u got bored and abandoned it. ..can’t wait for the beta :)

  • g:

    yeah man. All the support and esteem from an italian player. Great job, and thanks.

  • Gruber:

    O man i have been a Bethesda fan for years and you sir are amazing your hard work is appreciated!

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The XL Engine is and will remain free, donations are purely optional but greatly appreciated.