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The Cave

You blink, attempting to shake off the grogginess, it feels as if you’ve been asleep for days. As your visions clears, it slowly dawns on you that you are not where you should be. You vaguely remember a flashing of lights and blaring alarms, people running about in confusion. Of what? You don’t remember, it’s such a blur. Then blackness, where you knocked out? Around you there is nothing but glistening rock illuminated by the soft glow of the strange looking platform on which you now lay. Something feels strange… you look down upon your body and scream – sound echoing off the cavern walls. Where your body once was, you see another body – you have 2 arms and 2 legs but they are completely alien, unlike any creature on Earth. After laying, confused and shocked, for what seems like an eternity you finally decide to try and figure out what’s going on. Surprisingly you have no problem controlling your new body and get up with little effort.

As you look around you see evidence of other machines, at least you think they are machines, but nothing you’re familiar with. You start looking for a way out, maybe you can get some answers outside, maybe even find out who’s responsible and get them to change you back. The cavern seems to have a simple layout, it doesn’t take long to find the lone tunnel that leads out of the room you started in. You see small machines and a few strange plants – well you assume they are plants anyway, no point in getting too close just in case – but nothing else other then the glittering stone walls. There’s not much light but enough thanks to the machines.

Eventually you see a single book lying on the ground, an oddly familiar yet strange sight in these caves. It’s a little damp but the pages are thick and whole. You open it to finally see something you understand – it appears to be a journal, though you suspect the author may not be entirely sane. He claims that this cave is not on Earth at all! Yeah, so I woke up on some alien world. But you continue to read… waking up in an alien body… cave with strange machines and even stranger plant life… It claims that there is a settlement not far from here. Then it goes on to describe some of the basics of their language. The aliens here have never heard any English, I have to speak their language for them to understand me… This must be some kind of mind game, you feel the need to get out of this cave and find out what is really going on.



You finally stumble into the sunlight, it takes your eyes a while to adjust but when they do… Where are you? You look around stunned, unable to move as you stare at the landscape… So alien… As you begin to regain your composure it dawns on you that the journal was right after all. You are on an alien world, in an alien body with no idea how you got there or how you can get home. With nothing else to go on, you head in the direction of the alien settlement.

And so begins the Alien Awakening.

3 Responses to “Awakening”

  • Simon Buchan:

    Hmm, I’m slightly disappointed by having a roughly humanoid body, and I’m hoping the fact that I can *read* that journal is explained or important in some way! On the other hand, you do have me curious as to why I’m arriving in an empty cavern, especially since the machinery seems to imply that the location was deliberate….

    But (so far as I know?) none of that is the primary draw… so I’ll just shut up now and wait for more details :)

    • luciusDXL:

      There are good reasons that the aliens are humanoid but I’ll discuss that in the future.

      As for the journal, there is a good reason for it to be there and it is important. But the player won’t know that at first, of course.

  • AgmatiV:

    I’m not into alien and sci-fi thing but this project sounds really interesting. Good luck with it!

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The XL Engine is and will remain free, donations are purely optional but greatly appreciated.