The XL Engine is and will remain free, donations are purely optional but greatly appreciated.

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I have recently taken a quick break for the Daggerfall specific work towards the Beta to change and improve the non-game specific UI system. I have integrated a Webkit based browser/UI system into the engine using the Awesomium library. Before I talk about specifics, I’ll show you a preview – running in DaggerXL:

(click to see the full size image)












I will be using this to build cross-platform elements for XL Engine specific UI using HTML5/CSS/Javascript controls. This has several benefits:

* Anyone with knowledge of web technologies can edit or build UI elements using this system – no proprietary new systems to learn.

* I can embed useful elements directly into the engine such as in-game access to the IRC channel, documentation from the Wiki, the ability to search the forums to resolve issues or post about a problem while in game, tutorial videos built right in and more.

* Robust UI, text, language, formatting, layout and animation – all built in.


I am also planning on rolling the launcher into the main executable, allowing you to start the engine and switch games without having to exit out first. The flexible, robust UI system that this allows will be vital later, when its time to start working on the editing tools again as well. Another thing I am planning on doing is allowing game specific code/script to be edited and updated right inside the engine (WYSIWYG) – using CodeMirror.

Here you can see an early version of the code editor (still incomplete):

(click on the image for a larger view)


A while back I put up this post: DaggerXL Terrain in the Beta Part 1. I searched the internet for heightmap images (or as close as I could find anyway) of all of Tamriel in order to build the heightmap for the rest of Tamriel. I found such an image:














I then took this image, converted it into a heightmap, rotated it to fit the Daggerfall data while scaling and filtering it and then added in the heightmap data from Daggerfall itself. However, as it turns out, I did not do a very good job digging into who put this map together, thinking it was from earlier worked released to the public. It turns out it was put together by someone named Morcroft DarkesĀ – which I didn’t find out about until recently. Of course this is entirely my fault for not doing fact checking before using the map. To that end I will not be using this as a base for Tamriel, after all. I will attempt to find another decent source or merely leave it up to the community to help out later on. So until/if that happens, I will temporarily remove the extreme view distance feature, since basing it off another person’s work, who does not necessarily wish for it to be used, is clearly unethical behavior.

Lesson learned: always figure out where a source is coming from. Usually I do this, but not in this case obviously. :(


On a brighter note, DaggerXL is still continuing – I will put up a more upbeat post shortly.

The XL Engine is and will remain free, donations are purely optional but greatly appreciated.