The XL Engine is and will remain free, donations are purely optional but greatly appreciated.

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This will be a short post on the progress towards the first build of the tiered release that I previously discussed.

Some of the games, especially Daggerfall, have large amounts of UI. Not just the core game UI but additional UI that is needed for XL Engine specific features such as setting the resolution, graphics settings, mods and so forth. Rather then try to make custom screens to match each game like DarkXL, I decided to have a unified XL Engine UI for all the UI that isn’t part of the original games.

Anyway I had started converting all the Daggerfall UI into the new UI Script system but realized that I wanted to make a UI editor and that making the UI editor wouldn’t take much more time then writing the scripts manually. In addition, the editor will make setting up the UI now and in the future much easier. The UI editor will generate UI script files which can then be further modified by hand if need be.

I didn’t have time to finish the UI editor yet but I thought it would be interesting to show a screenshot of me testing out the UI system. I have other controls already, such as check boxes, edit boxes, radio button and so forth but this is a screenshot of me starting to lay out the UI editor “for real.” Now that the art and UI system is in place, building the rest of the UI editor won’t take too much longer. :)

As you know this project has suffered through a long hiatus, see Returning from Beyond for more information. In order to get back into the swing of things quicker, I’m changing the next release into a “Tiered Release.”


To put it simply, I will be releasing an update for one game at a time. They will still use the new refactored XL Engine that I’ve been working on and the updated Launcher.


Here is a tentative plan:
* Release 1: XL Engine Core, Launcher, DaggerXL game DLL. Windows only.
* Release 2: Updated XL Engine Core (fixing some issues that are still present and issues found from Release 1), DarkXL game DLL.
* Release 3: More engine updates, BloodXL game DLL. BloodXL will initially support only muliplayer, with proper single player support coming in future builds.
* Release 4: Finally OutlawsXL game DLL. OutlawsXL will initially support only muliplayer, with proper single player support coming in future builds.
* Release 5: Complete Builds for Linux and OS X.


After these 5 releases, we’ll move into the iterative build schedule I talked about a long time ago. The plan is to have one build every week, so I will set aside time to work on smaller items for the weekly builds and larger items will just go into the next available build that is ready. To make this work, I’ll spend some time after these next 5 releases making sure I have a source control system that supports branching – allowing new larger features to be worked on in their own branch and merged back when ready. The idea is to keep the momentum going and make this part of my regular schedule again.


Hello again, everyone.

A lot of things have been happening lately, including but not limited to changes in employment and my financial situation. I don’t plan on going into too much detail but suffice it to say that time has been rather short lately. That said I always knew that this would be temporary so I was trying to wait it out but it turned out to last much longer then I was expecting.

Anyway the good news is that despite some scary times things have definitely improved and my current situation is again stable and money is no longer a big concern. Obviously donations will still be used to run the sites but otherwise money isn’t a big issue anymore.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get much work done on the XL Engine within this time (though some work was done) I will be going back to working on it on a regular basis next week. Things are not fully in the clear yet so I can’t guarantee when the next build will be but there will be continual progress again from this point on. Unless something drastic and unexpected comes up there shouldn’t be any long disappearances like this again any time soon. Though there will still be the occasional hiccups for things like Siggraph. :)

Anyway thanks for your patience and for sticking around. :D

The XL Engine is and will remain free, donations are purely optional but greatly appreciated.