The XL Engine is and will remain free, donations are purely optional but greatly appreciated.

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XL Project Move

DaggerXL, DarkXL and the other upcoming XL projects have moved to The new website, forums and blog have been setup and are fully functioning now, though I will continue transitioning content from the original blogs and forums. And the moderators – mostly Klasodeth and Greendogo – have been working hard on transferring over threads from the DaggerXL forums.

The DaggerXL and DarkXL engines are also going to be merged into the XL Engine, where the game specific code will be handled as┬áseparate┬áDLLs and script files. While this won’t occur until after the version 0.20 release of DaggerXL, when that is released DaggerXL and DarkXL will be merged into a single downloadable package with a simple launcher to pick between games and to setup the various settings. You will no longer setup paths in the text file or any other setting for that matter. At that point the files will be hosted on the XL Engine site. Once the DaggerXL version 0.20 is released the next big focus is on the DarkXL beta, which I will talk more about in a future blog post.


DaggerXL Version 0.20 Update

In this update I’ll talk about the improved weapon and armor support. All weapons are now functional in the game, with the exception of bows (which will be handled when I get to ranged combat and spells). In addition, with the new loot tables, you can actually find all the different weapons with different materials. The materials properly modify the weapon stats for damage, weight and value as well as showing up correctly visually both on the inventory screen and in first person. Similar armor support is now complete, also with full material support. Below you can see some pictures of different weapons and armor not previously seen in DaggerXL, in different materials:


In order to support the armor variation, materials and durability (i.e. wear and tear on weapons and armor) I have to change the way items are stored in the player inventory. This has the unfortunate side effect that the item IDs currently stored in the save files can no longer adequately describe a weapon or piece of armor. Therefore version 0.20 will no longer support saves from version 0.198 and before.

With the upcoming build, you have a chance of finding a weapon or piece of armor of a any material – limited by your “career experience” and level. Basically the character’s level limits the materials you can find but doesn’t directly factor into the chance of finding a given material. For that you have the “career experience”, which also factors into your “career modifier” bonus in combat. What this essentially means that as you kill things and raise skills, your career experience goes up. So, even at level 1, you’ll find better and better stuff the longer you play up until the limit imposed by your level. If you stay level 1 long enough, you’ll eventually find Dwarven weapons and armor! Though you’ll never find Mithril – even if you play for 10 years – until you reach at least level 3.

I’ve also fixed a bug where the face you selected in the character select sometimes wouldn’t show properly in-game. Sometimes it’d be the wrong face or gender, other times just not positioned correctly. So now you get the face you want in the correct position.

Version 0.20 is getting really close now, the next blog post will be talking about it’s release. :)

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This is the new home for the XL Engine and all it’s projects, including DaggerXL, DarkXL as well as the upcoming BloodXL and OutlawsXL. Over the next week or so I will be moving over all the downloads, media and important information. I will also be posting news and new blog posts from this site. The existing blogs and forums will remain open for a while, but I am starting the transition now. From here on out, new builds (as well as old builds once the transition is complete) will be hosted directly on this site, alleviating issues from other hosts.

So welcome to the new home of the XL Engine and projects! It’s very raw right now, but I will be working the site, blog and forums starting now. So things will improve and fill out soon.

The XL Engine is and will remain free, donations are purely optional but greatly appreciated.